About Us

amplifier-tileMorningstar Audio Imports is the exclusive North American Importer and Retailer of Eastern Electric brand audio gear.

All of gear from Eastern Electric uses vacuum tubes. That choice was made because we simply feel that tubes sound more like music than solid-state gear while providing listeners the ability to further tune the sound to their ear.

Morningstar can make recommendations about the tubes you use, explain what has worked for others, and provide advice based on your system or sonic goals.

We pride ourselves on customer service. But, what does that mean? It means we listen, ask questions, and help you feel comfortable with your purchase before, during, and after you purchase from us. You won’t find that at the big box stores. You also won’t find equipment that can compete with ours in craftsmanship or sound quality, either.

So, how did Morningstar become the North American Distributor of Eastern Electric?

In 2001 we established a strong bond & friendship with Eastern Electric, a quality audio manufacturer in Hong Kong. We got to know and trust Alex Yeung, whose designs and master craftsmanship we considered to be “pure genius”. We felt compelled to bring this gear to the American audio community! We were confident that we could sell his Tubed Audio Components, with performance equal to or greater than more “well known” products typically costing two, three and four times as much. And, truth be told, we were not all that surprised when reviews from established high-end audio magazines, along with critical consumers, agreed! In the future we will be introducing more fine products from Eastern Electric… and always with the knowledge that they will be the best… and most affordable… on the market!


Bill O’Connell