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Eastern Electric MiniMax Tube Preamplifier Name:
Eastern Electric MiniMax Tube Preamplifier

< Front View > | < Top View > | < Rear View > | < Internal Point to Point Wiring >


The newly upgraded Minimax linestage preamp has been tweaked to the ultimate performance and adds more functionality. We think you'll agree this preamp represents one of the best values in hi-fi today.

The same principals apply as always, using the shortest signal path possible. So, you won't find a mute switch or a remote control. We chose only to add another input so you can control more sources through this amazing preamp. We believe the MiniMax is on a new plateau all by itself and our customers agree.
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The three dimensional sounstage that you can see and hear is achieved by the use of its 6x4 tube rectification. There is direct coupling between the buffer and amp stages, with each stage using a single 12au7 which produces a clarity that adds such realism to musicians performances it is palpable. You do not need to use a matched pair of 12au7's as any single one will do in either position. try the different brands and vintages of tubes that were made by the masters in the 40's, 50's and 60's. They say that the refining process of the metals used back then is far superior than even those used today.

Experience what extended frequencies really are. from deep bass notes that delineate the bottom end of a great bass line to the crisp strike of a cymbal to the soft brush strokes on a snare skin. Cellos that have that great wood tone or the beauty of a wind instrument and surrounding violins.

In our extensive research in designing this circuit, we auditioned many different combinations od capacitors and resistors and we believe found the exact mixture of capacitors from Europe and highest quality audiophile grade components which sets the MiniMax apart from all other preamplifiers in sheer musical enjoyment. Letting the music touch your heart and soul. Peace of mind knowing you never have to worry again about, is there another product out there that can bring me closer to the music? We don't believe there is and will put our MiniMax up against any challengers.

Listen for yourself as the MiniMax will easily create the musical presentation without grain or lestener fatigue for those late night listening sessions. Smooth liquid midrange that is like chocolate for the ears. Separation of instruments that is second to none. Soundstaging that brings the recorded performance into your listening room.

We offer a wonderful warranty, and as long as our MiniMax has not been tampered with or misused, we still stand behind our product for many years.

Moringstar Audio Imports is our North Amirican distributor and they have promised to bring the MiniMax to your local audio retailer so that you may have an audition. Support your local audio retailer as the MiniMax matches well with the other fine components they carry in their shops.

If you are looking for a simple, straight forward path to great sound on a budget, look no further than the Mini Max.


Frequency Response: 10Hz - 150kHz
THD: 0.015%
Output: 2V
Signal to Noise Ration: 93dB
Input Impedance: 100K Ohm
Output Impedance: 700 Ohm
Total Gain: 20dB
Power Consumption: 13Watt
One 6X4, Two 12AU7 vacuum tubes
All-tube linestage with 4 inputs
Dimensions (W x D X H): - 13"
Weight: 4kg

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